On-line Product Development quality tools

by productquality125

The Product Development process is well catered for in terms of quality tools to help the engineer build quality into the product.  These tools include; APQP, QFD, FMEA, SWOT and 8D.  The problem is how do you get to know these tools and learn to use them in a simple and convenient way.  This is the solution.  PDC has just launched on-line training workshops for all of these Product Development quality tools.

Our on-line business development training courses show how to successfully operate the APQP, QFD, FMEA, SWOT and 8D product development quality tools and business development tools available. The courses are targeted at those involved in delivering new goods, services or processes and are written in English.

The intent of all our training courses is to impart the capability to use the required tool. Each training course comes with all the necessary free downloads to enable the trainee to start using the tool immediately. No special software required.

Another great opportunity from PDC