FMECA training

by productquality125

On the face of it introducing a new product seems very easy.  Unless, that is, you are inventing something complicated like the iPhone 7 or something.  Most businesses are bringing much simpler products to the market all the time, new phone tariffs, lower cost brackets etc.etc.

 The point is there are a whole raft of tools and techniques out there in engineering land to help the modern product developer.  One of the best is the FMECA, Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis.  This methodical tool take the product development team through a process that will eliminate potential product failures during the design stage.

Product failures that escape into the market place can be very expensive, both financially and in reputation term.  So, why take the risk?  Conduct an FMECA on the product design as the design stage and get a better and often cheaper product.

FMECA training is available on-line so there’s no excuse for not knowing how to do it either.

FMECA training from PDC